Monday, July 16, 2018

(R) R-Misc. - Pt. (II)

In this entry we will be discussing various topics which are relatively minute in scale, however, are none the less deservant of mention. All the subjects explored within this post pertain to the R programming language and its relative functionality.

Increasing or Decreasing the Number of Significant Figures within the “R” Console Output

There are times in which a greater number of significant figures may be desired from output provided by a function within the R platform. The default number of significant figures produced from function output is 7.

However, this can altered through the utilization of the following code:

options(digits = x)

In this case, x would connotate the number of significant digits desired by the user.

Disabling Scientific Notation within the “R” Console Output

There may also be occasions when a particular calculation provides output which utilizes scientific notation.



To disable this output option to view a standardized display of the value, utilize the following code:

options(scipen = 999)

Clear the Console Window within R-Studio

If an instance ever arises in which you would like to clear the console output within R-Studio, pressing the following key combination in unison will remove all of the previously generated output:

Ctrl + L

That’s all for now. In the next article, we will being discussing the Python programming language.

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